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Exhibition Guide

Distinguished exhibitors:
In order to ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition, this notice is sent to all exhibitors. Please read the following carefully during your busy schedule.

Pavilion Address
Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hebei Province: 88 Shanghai Road, Canal District
Cangzhou International CNC Machine Tool and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition 2022

Exhibitor's certificate and other relevant information can be obtained at the Exhibitor Registration Office outside the entrance. Please bring your certificate and register at the exhibitor's office.

Admission Building
May 9-12, 2023

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Project management: Mr. Li Honglei 0531-8887 9887
Exhibitor Service: Mr. Liu Zutao 0531-8651 2559

Exhibitors should pay the exhibition fee in full before entering the exhibition hall, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the exhibition hall.

Overtime application
If you (or your contractor) need to apply for overtime work, please notify the Exhibition Site Management Office before 16:00 every day and go through the overtime formalities in the Exhibition Hall Customer Service Center.
From 17:00 to 22:00, the overtime cost is 100 yuan per hour for the booth area below 50 square meters, 200 yuan per hour for the booth area within 50-100 square meters, and the standard of more than 100 square meters, and so on. After 22:00, the booth area is 150 yuan per hour below 50 square meters and 300 yuan per hour within 50-100 square meters.
Please note the change announcement of live broadcasting.
Standard booth
When the standard booth is posted on the exhibition board, please try to use transparent tape or suspension. Do not use sticky materials to paste.
The staff of the organizing committee have been allocated to the exhibitors according to the standard, and the home contractors have prepared more tables and chairs for rent. The specific price should be consulted at the contractor service desk designated by the General Assembly. For you and others to participate in the exhibition smoothly, please do not take from other people's booth, thank you for your cooperation!
The power consumption of each standard booth shall not exceed 300 watts. If there is overload, please go to the designated contractor's service desk for power consumption formalities.
personal effects
During the exhibition, there are many mobile people. Exhibitors must strengthen their awareness of anti-theft. Please take good care of your booth, exhibits and personal items during the exhibition period.
The organizers will clean the pavilion corridors, public areas and standard booths. The contractors designated by you should be responsible for the cleaning of the special booths.
Smoking is prohibited in the exhibition hall.
Noise control
The sound produced by all kinds of audio equipment shall not exceed 75 decibels.