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Precision laser cutting machine has injected "optical" power into the electronic industry

Date: 2021-01-14  Reads: 647

In recent years, the application of laser technology has penetrated into all walks of life, and the articles in daily home life are also closely related to laser technology. For example, our mobile phones, computers and other equipment, the production of these products is closely related to laser.

With the improvement of people's living standards in China, the requirements for electronic equipment are also gradually increasing. The technical innovation and product iteration of electronic equipment make the requirements for the equipment for processing electronic equipment higher and higher. The laser technology is applied abroad in combination with today's social progress and production practice, The advent of laser technology has brought extraordinary breakthrough development to industry

The development of laser has brought advanced laser equipment such as laser cutting machine, welding machine and marking machine (laser machine) to the electronics, electrical appliances and mold industries, brought new hope and new vitality to the optical industry and industry, and injected the power of "light" into the electronic equipment. As a non-contact processing tool, laser has the advantages that traditional processing methods do not have in cutting technology:
1. Laser cutting adopts high-performance laser beam for cutting, which has higher precision, better quality and can shorten the product production cycle.
2. Laser cutting is a non-contact processing, which can effectively avoid the damage or deformation of machined parts.
3. Just import the cutting graphics into the control system. No matter how complex the graphics are, laser cutting can accurately realize one-time molding and save unnecessary processing procedures.
4. Compared with traditional machining, laser equipment is more stable and durable, not easy to damage, and has incomparable advantages in subsequent maintenance cost.